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Greetings newcomer (or returning visitor) and welcome to my website! My name is Andrew Hou and I'm a 4th year computer vision PhD student at Michigan State University (MSU) specializing in face editing and face modeling problems, especially face relighting, face reconstruction, view synthesis, and shadow synthesis/removal. I've also worked on other 3D vision problems such as monocular 3D object detection. I am fortunately advised by Dr. Xiaoming Liu and am a member of the Computer Vision Lab. Previously, I received my Bachelor of Science from Brown University in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. In summer 2021, I was a research intern at Bosch in Sunnyvale, California, where I was fortunate to work with Drs. Xinyu Huang, Liu Ren, and Sharath Gopal on foreign shadow removal from face portraits. I returned to Bosch as a research intern for summer 2022, where I worked on improving monocular 3D object detection performance.



Blind Removal of Facial Foreign Shadows

Yaojie Liu*, Andrew Hou*, Xinyu Huang, Liu Ren, Xiaoming Liu
(* denotes equal contribution)
BMVC 2022
PDF | Supplementary | SFW Video Shadow Removal | Code | Poster | Video

Face Relighting with Geometrically Consistent Shadows

Andrew Hou, Michel Sarkis, Ning Bi, Yiying Tong, Xiaoming Liu
CVPR 2022
Project Page | PDF | Arxiv | Code | Poster

Towards High Fidelity Face Relighting with Realistic Shadows

Andrew Hou, Ze Zhang, Michel Sarkis, Ning Bi, Yiying Tong, Xiaoming Liu
CVPR 2021
Project Page | PDF | Arxiv | Code | Poster | Video

Effect of Data Size on Performance of Free-text Keystroke Authentication

Jiaju Huang, Daqing Hou, Stephanie Schuckers, Zhenhao Hou
ISBA 2015

Personal Interests

As one might expect from a computer vision researcher, I am generally very interested in visual content of all kinds including movies, anime, art, you name it. I'm also avid about board games, card games, fighting games, ...... you get the idea. Outside of my overwhelmingly geeky side, I also enjoy a wide range of sports including (but definitely not limited to) tennis, badminton, swimming, running, ice skating, and cross country skiing. Similar to most individuals, I also enjoy food!